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Edible Seaweed operates from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. We offer edible seaweed for numerous therapeutic possibilities as a food, medicine and for spa treatments.

Edible Seaweed works directly with reputable harvesters on the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada who ethically harvest our seaweed by hand in pristine waters. Our seaweed is regularly tested for contaminants.

A small amount of seaweed eaten in raw, fresh, dried, or cooked form over a long period of time is a simple and economical way for people to enjoy the benefits that seaweed provides.

Seaweed can balance your metabolism, fight disease, and revitalize your body and soul. Seaweed contains a healthful balance of nutrients. Its unique nutritional elements provide the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, and other benefitial components that research now confirms to be health promoting and disease preventing. Seaweed cleans your body of harmful toxins while beautifying your complexion and slowing the aging process. Seaweed boosts your immune system and prevents various infections, and have been used for centuries with great success.

Kelp seaweed contains more vitamins, minerals and trace elements than any other food on the planet and is an excellent mineral supplement. Everybody's favorite, the tastiest and saltiest kelp available is Bull Kelp. Bull Kelp provides a superior concentrated flavor and can be found growing only in the Pacific Northwest waters. The salty taste actually comes from potassium salts rather then sodium. It is crispy and delicious enough to eat as is, straight from the package.

It is very easy to make seaweed part of your diet. You will find that seaweed is highly satisfying and you can eat as much as your body needs. We trust that you will integrate seaweed into your life for ultimate health and wellness.

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